Flat Top Haircut

A flat top haircut is perfect for hot summer weather. ┬áThis military inspired haircut has been around for a long time and has always been in style. As the name implies the flat top is totally flat on top. Usually it’s trimmed to about one inch on top and stands straight up. There are different variations.

Flat Top Haircut Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell with a flat top haircut

You can have it as long as you want on top, but it’s recommend to not go any shorter than an inch. Some men also opt for sideburns.

flat top jon tester

Senator Jon Tester. Image courtesy: senate.gov

To achieve a flat top your stylist will use electric clippers to cut the sides and back of your hair close to the scalp. Then the top of the hair is trimmed in varying lengths from the front to the crown are, because your head is round, not flat. This method makes the top of the hair look flat. A blow dryer is used to make the hair stand up straight and afterwards the stylist uses clippers or scissors to finish up the look.


Creative Commons License The U.S. Army via Compfight

Styling your cool, new flat top will be a breeze. Use hair wax in the front section and a blow dryer to make your hair stand straight up. Maintaining your new do will require a trip to your stylist every three or four weeks, sometimes sooner, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Whether you get this cut to stay cool or to look cool, you will definitely look polished.

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