Kate Middleton Haircut

Kate Middleton or Duchess Kate as she is now known has class and style not only in her fashion sense but also in her hairstyle.  She usually wears her hair in a classic beautiful style that works great for both long and shoulder length hair.

This hairstyle is versatile since it works well for most face shapes except for long, thin facial features. The style is decidedly feminine, yet it isn’t boring like hair that is simply parted in the middle and hangs down straight. The long layers swing and bounce as you walk and add to the personality of this cut.

princess kate princess katherine

Kate Middleton now known as Princess Katherine in her official engagement photo

Take a picture to your hairdresser so that she knows exactly what you desire. She will cut bangs so that they swing down at mid-cheek level. After that, the stylist will add extra long layers all over your head. This gives the style body and bounce and makes it versatile.

You can style this haircut in many ways to create different looks. To obtain the look of Middleton’s hair, simply blow-dry the cut with a round brush. Use large rollers and roll it under. This adds significant volume to the style and leaves the ends with relaxed curls. Another way to wear this cut is to blow dry it until it is still slightly damp all over. Add a styling gel to your hands and crunch the hair all over. Allow the hair to finish drying naturally. This gives you natural looking waves that look sassy, feminine and contemporary.

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