Shag Haircuts

One of the most popular styles in the hair styling industry right now is the shag. This is mainly because of its timeless look and the easy breezy nature of the cut. It is extremely easy to style and will make any woman feel sexy and stylish whether they are just rolling out of bed or coming in from a night on the town.

This haircut is meant to look a little messy and edgy, so it hardly takes any work at all to make it look just right.

Here, Lisa Rinna shows off the classic shag look:

Normally, certain haircuts accommodate only a select few face shapes but what is so great about the shag haircut is that it really complements every single face structure.  Whether you have a round, oval, heart-shaped or long face, you can wear this hairstyle and look great.

Jodie Foster

To create this haircut, the hairdresser will usually begin with the bangs, then move to the back and cut to the desired length. There is a lot of layering involved, and an accomplished hairdresser will sometimes use a razor to create more texture and movement in the hair.

Choosing a shag cut with a little length to it will give you the ability to style your hair in just about any way. This haircut looks amazing when you add hairstyling wax to it. This really brings out the layers and will keep the style looking fresh all through the day.

meg ryan haircut

Meg Ryan with her signature shag haircut

If you want a fun upbeat style, this is the haircut for you. Jump on the bandwagon and get your head in the game, literally!

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