Pixie Haircuts

The pixie haircut is for bold hearts and free spirits. It is a short hairstyle that will highlight your facial features and emphasize the shape of your head as it is close-cropped for the most part.  Pixie hairstyles can be very, very short or worn in a longer style.

pixie haircut katie holmes

Katie Holmes

Razor-cut pixie styles tend to be cut very close to the head all throughout the back and sides with jagged layers on the crown to create texture.  These cuts are easy to style with mousse or other styling aids.

halle berry

Halle Berry with a cute pixie haircut

Short pixie styles are suitable for many face shapes including heart, diamond and round.  If you are blessed with good bone structure and silky skin, the short pixie cut will enhance your best features.

pixie cut short michelle williams

Michelle Williams sports a pixie style.

Longer pixie styles can be achieved by keeping the front longer as fringe or side swept bangs. Your hair will be layered throughout to create soft movement. It is styled with a blow wave or simple finger scrunching and some styling aids.

elisha cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

It takes confidence and a lot of style to wear a short hairstyle like the pixie. But as short as they are, pixie hairstyles are flexible. You can modify easily with styling aids, and highlights or lowlights. You can even hold back your hair with jeweled barrettes or hair bands. The hair will need to be trimmed once a month to maintain the shape.

This cut looks great on women of all ages.  Here you can see how spectacular it looks on Jamie Lee Curtis.

jamie lee curtis wears pixie haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis

If you aim to express your personal style in a self-assured and highly spirited way without going high maintenance, a pixie hairstyle is a fabulous option.

ginnifer goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin

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