Medium Haircuts

Short hairstyles evoke drama while longer styles suggest romance. Medium-length hairstyles on the other hand, are true classics. A mid-length cut is timeless, versatile and more forgiving than shorter styles in case of post-cut remorse.

Medium Haircuts are almost always longer version of short cuts or shorter versions of long cuts.

Mid-Length is Classic

Ever since women began sporting shorter hairstyles at the end of World War I, mid-length was the preferred style. Medium-length hairstyles were easier to maintain than the flowing tresses that required time and a grooming assistant to manage daily.

Changing to a shoulder-length style may have been attention catching at that time but certainly not as abrupt as a full-on closely cropped haircut.

The style has survived fashion trends, social transformations and changes in personal tastes.

Medium Length is Versatile

Styling medium-length hair is pure joy. You can make it as short as you want with an up-do or as sporty as you desire with a ponytail. You can curl it or wave it. You can take a flatiron to smooth it into a sleek and simple look.

Armed with styling aids, hair appliances, hair ornaments and your mid-length hair, you can go from sports fiend to corporate maven to party princess with a little creativity.

Mid-Length Flatters all Face Structures

A medium-length hairstyle frames the face beautifully without the added weight and maintenance issues of extremely long locks. Regardless of your face shape and bone structure, a medium-length style will suit your needs. As an added bonus, a mid-length cut can be styled to highlight your best features and to hide less desirable details such as skin imperfections.

Medium Length Means Low-Maintenance

Medium-length is not a zero-maintenance hairstyle like some of the super-short cuts, but it certainly requires less effort and grooming aids than longer hairstyles. If your style is blunt and sleek, you may need some deep conditioning and hair mask to achieve the look.

If you are blessed with curly or wavy hair, medium-length works best if you can take the time to tame your frizzies with mousse and other anti-frizz agents. Other than the obligatory shampoo and conditioner, not much else is required to keep a medium length hairstyle presentable.

Mid-Length is Manageable

No matter how hectic your schedule may be, a mid-length hairstyle will be easy to keep up as well as groom and style. Keep ponytails, barrettes and hair bands handy in case you find the need to sweep hair off your face and neck in a pinch.

Medium Haircuts are for Men, too

It takes spunk for a man’s man to sport a hairstyle longer than the gender-defining businessman’s cut. However, creative types and others who work in more laid back professions often sport chin-length or shoulder-length cuts that are viewed as de rigueur for their line of work. Properly groomed mid-length hair on men can be sexy and stylish.

Maintenance Tips for Medium Length Hairstyles

As with any hairstyle, cleanliness is key to good-looking hair. Medium-length hair is not as dryness-prone as long hair. It is not as fragile and is not likely to break and pull out, but it will still need some tender loving care. Use mild shampoos and deep-condition regularly.

Take advantage of your haircut’s versatility by cycling the styles. That way, your hair will be spared the constant pulling of a tight ponytail or the daily blow dryer assault. On some days, hair should be worn loose and free, sans hairspray and heated appliances.

If you want a multipurpose, multi-faceted hairstyle to suit your multi-tasking lifestyle, a medium-length haircut is your best choice.

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