Pageboy Haircuts

A nice hair style can dramatically improve our overall appearance and confidence level. If you’ve got a flair for an edgy and retro look, you should try the pageboy haircut.  The pageboy is actually a type of bob that features sharp, defined edges and a dramatic shape.  Generally, it is done on short and medium length hair that is straight, with a single layer but it can also be created with multiple, shaggy layers.

rihanna pageboy haircut with bangs

Rihanna with a pageboy haircut

The pageboy is a style that came into popularity in the 50’s, where cuts that were just above the shoulder were common.  The Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut from the 70’s is a variation of the pageboy.

dorothy hamill pageboy wedge style

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The modern pageboy can be short …..

short pageboy haircut bai ling

Bai Ling sports a short pageboy haircut

or long …


long pageboy haircut rose byrne

Rose Bryne with a long pageboy hairstyle

…and is flattering on just about any face shape.

Women with round or heart shaped faces benefit from the crisp frame the hair creates around the cheeks. If your face is long and thin, a pageboy will make it appear fuller. Women who want to appear thinner will benefit from the pageboy, because it draws attention to the jawline, while lengthening the neck.

When you visit a salon, the stylist will cut your hair to an appropriate length, keeping it longer in front and shorter in the back. The addition of bangs will frame the eyes.

bob cut with bangs

Katie Holmes wears a pageboy bob cut

Though pageboys are usually worn as straight as possible, a bit of curl can make it flirty and fun. Using an iron to gently curl the ends outward into a flip, is also a style that’s becoming more popular.

No matter what your hair color or face shape, a pageboy bob can do wonders for your confidence and appearance. Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles, because hair can be as easily transient and vibrant as our clothes.

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