Taper Haircut

Men like low-maintenance yet stylish as far as haircuts are concerned. Not surprisingly, the fuss-free tapered cut is the most popular style for the testosterone crowd.

taper haircut shemar moore

Shemar Moore with a taper haircut

A tapered cut is the basis for the style known as the businessman’s cut. It is a classic style favored by males across different age groups and professions. If you like your hair neat and tidy all the time despite a busy schedule, the professional-looking tapered cut is your style.

There may be variations to the taper cut, but the hairstyle is one where hair at the crown is snip-layered using texturizing shears or detailing scissors. The sides and back are progressively cut in a gradual taper using either an electric trimming razor or barber shears. Hair at the back up to the nape is graduated from an 1/8th of an inch to zero length at your natural hairline, if not slightly higher.

taper haircut colton hayes

Colton Hayes with a taper cut.

It is easy to tell if your tapered cut was done by a pro. A good tapered cut will not show a line of demarcation. This means that your hair is meticulously layered so that there is a subtle change from one layer to the next. With a tapered cut, the hairline blends into the cut, giving the back a more natural look than the hairstyle that is block-trimmed at the nape.

With a tapered cut, your hair can be very short, or it can be long enough to allow a side part. A tapered nape is more flattering especially if you have a thick neck, as it tends to elongate the neck and the entire head.

Choosing a hairstyle need not be a hair-raising experience. Opt for a traditional style like the taper cut to ensure that you look professional at work and at play.

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