Bob Haircuts

The bob is a classic hairstyle that first became popular around the time it became common for women to work outside the home. Women gave up their pin curls and high maintenance hairstyles for this easy to care cut that can be worn at short or medium length.

A typical bob cut is achieved by cropping the hair evenly all around to project a neat, single layer, face-framing style.

bob cut with bangs

Katie Holmes wears a bob cut with bangs

However, the bob has evolved in creative ways making it suitable for different face shapes and personalities.

Short bob haircuts make the face rounder so if you have a round face opt for a longer bob of chin or shoulder length as it will help lengthen the look of your face. (Not sure of your face shape? Check out What Shape is My Face?)

If  you have a longer face then the best bet is to opt for a chin length bob as it will soften your features as it does in Jennifer McCarthy’s look below.

bob haircut jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Longer bobs can also be cut in an A-line style where the back is trimmed shorter at the nape and longer at the sides to give the illusion of length. This is sometimes called an inverted bob.

inverted bob haircut rihanna

Rihanna with an inverted bob haircut

Soft layers or curls can be added to add volume.  Waves and curls can add interest to a bob hairstyle. Have your stylist cut your hair in soft, textured layers all around. The sides should be cut to reach below the jaw line. Style the sides to sport subtle waves by using a round hairbrush.

charlize theron wavy bob

Charlize Theron with a wavy bob

Shorter bobs can be cut to create a sleek line all around or layered with a razor. Scrunch up your layered bob by finger-drying after the application of styling aids to create casual beach hair. Scrunching adds volume if your hair tends to be on the thin side.

You can update a classic bob by incorporating blunt bangs trimmed above the eyebrows. This style works with both straight and wavy hair. If your face is too round, try longer side swept bangs to add sophistication.

pageboy bob haircut bangs

Rihanna wears a pageboy bob with bangs

Bob hairstyles are no longer your mother’s staid styles from yesteryear. Today’s bobs are fun, creative and so fabulous with one cut easily transforming to different looks to suit your busy lifestyle.

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