Lisa Rinna Haircut

If you are searching for an easy-going hairstyle, consider a Lisa Rinna inspired shag haircut. These haircuts have varying lengths throughout the hair, which is meant to add texture to the hair as well as lots of disconnecting movement. These haircuts are spontaneous shag haircuts that increase definition and dimension in the hair. This is the perfect on-the-go look that allows you to wear versatile styles, while maintaining a touch of elegance and pizazz.

lisa renna shag

Lisa Rinna with the shag hairstyle she’s known for

Shag haircuts can be worn as either a medium or short hairstyle. Shag haircuts are perfect for square faces, rectangular and pear faces. People with oval faces and heart-shaped faces can wear any short to medium shag haircut without the blunt bangs. (To find out your face shape, click here.)

Although one of the most influential features of the Lisa Rinna haircuts are the long blunt bangs, heart-shaped, round and oval faces are more flattering with side-swept bangs.

Lisa Rinna

This cut is heavily layered. The sides and the back portions of the hair are cut short, while keeping the bangs long and full.  To create this haircut, the back, sides and front of the hair are sectioned off. Starting with the back of the hair and continuing with the sides, the stylist cuts the hair at an angle to add texture to the hair. The hairstylist performs a lot of deep point cutting to accentuate the texture and movement of the hair.

Shag haircuts can be styled in a variety of different ways, including curly, sleek and voluminous. The shag haircuts are great to wear for any occasion. This style does not require a lot of maintenance so it’s great for those with an on-the-go lifestyle.

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