Justin Bieber Haircut

Teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber has one of the most popular haircuts across the globe. This cut is short all around and longer on the top with sideburns. There are several ways to style this iconic haircut.

justin bieber haircut front

Justin Bieber Haircut

This texture filled style will work best with round, square and oval shaped faces. If you have a longer face, you can choose a variation of this cut. Just keep it shorter on top to avoid making your face appear longer. For heart shaped faces, try an offset part and sweep your bangs to the side. Your stylist can help you determine your facial shape.

Justin Bieber Side

Here is the side view of the same cut.

If you want to try this hot style you will need to grow your top section and bangs out so that its longer than the rest. Ask your stylist for point cut layering on the top and front. This will provide loads of texture and make it easier to style. Have your sideburns trimmed approximately to the tops of your ear lobes. The rest of the hair is cut short and close to the head.

Justin Bieber

This haircut has several different styles to offer and works best with straight hair. After washing your hair, use a strong hold gel in slightly towel dried hair. Then use a blow dryer and your fingers to make the top and bangs stand up. Start at the roots and work your way up, lifting with your fingers until it is dry. Use a medium hold hairspray to keep it in place.

This cut is sure to bring confidence and loads of compliments!

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