Miley Cyrus Haircut

Miley Cyrus has been turning heads with her great haircuts since she was young!  She always looks fresh and fun with her sassy style.  She is known for her long hair but lately has been wearing her hair shoulder length.  Both lengths are shown below.

Miley Cyrus Shoulder Length Cut

Miley Cyrus shoulder length front

Miley Cyrus with a wavy bob haircut

Here is the same cut from the back.

Miley Cyrus Straight Hair – Long

Miley with straight long hair with curls at the tips.

Miley with straight long hair with curls at the tips.


Miley Cyrus Long Hair with Curls

miley cyrus with long hair curls

Miley’s sleek, just-over-the shoulders style at the top is a perfect mix of flirty and sophisticated.  She also has a new two-toned color called ombre–it’s darker at the roots and blonde at the bottom.   The style has lots of long layers and a medium length, and is versatile in its styling.

This style looks best if you have a round face like Miley, but will look fabulous with any face shape. Miley’s length is just over the shoulders, but this type of layered bob can be cut shorter or longer.

The stylist creates this cut by cutting the bottom with scissors to create a bob and adding long layers. The ombre color is done with vertical partings and adding color.

There are several ways to style this cut–you could go sleek or wavy. To create a smooth look, add a volumizing product and blow the hair dry, finishing with a flatiron and hairspray to set the look. To go wavy and add some volume, apply mousse and scrunch dry hair with a blowdryer and fingers. Add wax to the ends and finish with smoothing shine. Then add hairspray. Maintain the style by visiting your stylist every 4-6 weeks.

Miley’s hot hairstyle is perfect for almost all face shapes.  It looks new and fresh and will flatter you too! If you’re ready for a change, this ‘do will do the trick!

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