Edgy Haircuts

How edgy do you want to go?  There is the totally edgy or the “I still have to go to work but I don’t want to look like a cubicle drone” edgy.  Here are a variety of hair styles that range from the mild to the extreme.

Short Edgy Haircuts

For short to medium hair lengths, a variation of the pixie cut can provide a fun, new look for those that don’t like to play it safe.

halle berry pixie haircut

Halle Berry with a pixie haircut.

Also, the shag haircut …

meg ryan haircut

Meg Ryan with her classic shag haircut

… or emo style can be a good choice.

willow smith emo haircut

Willow Smith with an emo haircut

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart with an emo haircut

For the adventurous types, a splash of color or all over color change can create a whole new look.

If you want to go totally edgy maybe the Chelsea is more your style?

chelsea edgy hair

Image courtesy: donnikowski from Flickr

chelsea edgy haircut 2

Image courtesy: donnikowski from Flickr

Long Edgy Haircuts

For a long edgy cut this emo look Rihanna has can be a great style …

rihanna long emo style

Rihanna Long Emo Haircut

Or perhaps you are looking for something with a little more edge like this Chelsea cut?

chelsea edgy cut 3

Image courtesy: donnikowski from Flickr

The great thing about all of these cuts and styles is that they bring out the individuality and edge in the women and girls who sport them.  If you’re tired of playing it safe add some edge to your life!

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