Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Dorothy Hamill is known for two things. One of those is winning the Gold Medal at the 1976 Winter Olympics. The other is having a fabulous haircut named after herself. The “Dorothy Hamill” or “the Wedge cut” is a very classic style. It is extremely easy to maintain and has a clean, simple feel to it.

Dorothy Hamill at the Olympics. Image courtesy:

Pretty much any woman can pull off this haircut. It helps make a longer face appear a litte more round. However, women of any face shape can benefit from a style like this.

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The Dorothy Hamill cut is usually kept on the short side. It has bangs in the front that are sometimes parted in the middle. In order to achieve the perfect Dorothy Hamill cut, your hairdresser will most likely do a lot of tapering. When tapering, the bangs are sometimes cut at an angle so they are shorter in the middle of the forehead and gain a little length as they reach the temples.

Dorothy Hamill cut from the front

One of the things that attract people to this type of haircut is the lack of maintenance. Frankly, this hairstyle is about as wash-and-wear as you can get. If you wanted to give it a little more sleekness, giving it a blow dry while curling under with a round brush is the way to go.

Dorothy Hamill today

If you are looking for a great hairstyle that can transform from a day to an evening look with ease, then this is the one for you. Thank you Dorothy Hamill for creating this one-of-a kind do!

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