About This Site

Hello!  My name is Jennifer. I’ve loved looking at hair and fashion magazines since before I can remember. One day I thought it would be fun to put up a website and this is the result.

This site is very much a work in progress. I try to add a couple of new articles each week. I’ve added the main hairstyles and some fun ones too (ugh, the mullet! That’s a look that doesn’t look good on anyone!)  lol!

Unless otherwise noted I bought all of the images on the site from crestock.com  The other images I’ve credited to the proper owner/photographer – at least as far as I know I have. If you are the owner of a picture that I have up and it isn’t credited correctly to you or you have an issue with it please just let me know.  I want to do the right thing.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the story of how this website came to be.  I really hope you like the site and that it helps you pick out a great new cut or if you aren’t looking for a new cut some styling tips for the style you have.

Thanks for visiting!