Mens Haircuts

Mens haircuts and styles do not garner as much media coverage as women’s tresses do. Nonetheless, the right cut is important if your goal is to project confidence and a positive self-image.

The Cut – How Men Find their Style

Most men like a haircut that is fuss-free and low maintenance. Some men may like to spend time primping their hair, but for the most part men prefer the wash and go cuts.

Men are not averse to using styling aids to hold the hair in place. Some men are willing to undergo a permanent to achieve wavy hair. Still others experiment with hair color to customize a popular cut.

Men’s style trends tend to have a longer life span than women’s styles. When it comes to haircuts, men find no need to be fickle. The typical male finds a suitable haircut and sticks with the style for most of their adult life until male pattern baldness limits their options.

Short Haircuts for Men

The conventional hairstyle for men is a short cut. There are different interpretations of the short haircut ranging from the high and tight to the flat top. The high and tight is maintenance-free because the hair is close-shaved leaving about 1/16th of an inch all over. This cut is associated with the military, but it is also a good option if you are dealing with thinning hair.

If you like low maintenance but not that close a shave, opt for the flat top. Hair at the top is maintained at about an inch in length and kept flat. The rest of the hair is shaved off.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

If you prefer trendy rather than classic, a medium length haircut might be right for you. A medium cut will give you more styling flexibility with a bob, blow wave, side slick and even curls. These hairstyles are also suitable regardless of your face shape, as the longer locks tend to frame the face better than a stark, short cut.

Be prepared to have more frequent barber or salon visits as medium haircuts require more maintenance to keep the shape. Longer hair can easily look unkempt and unprofessional without proper maintenance.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Longer hairstyles are variously associated with artists, academics and rockers. Hair can be tied to make a low ponytail, braided or left long and loose to make the head-shaking act more dramatic. Since short hair is considered the norm for men, a longer hairstyle is often viewed as taking a stand against conventional standards.

How to Get the Right Cut

Find a hairstyle that appeals to you and is suitable for your lifestyle. Collect photos of different angles of the look and present these photos as reference to your stylist or barber. Ensure that the length of your hair is a bit longer than the style you want to give your stylist enough hair to work with.

Men should not take hairstyle for granted as it is an essential and conspicuous part of the overall appearance. There are many style options for you to choose from, but the best choice would be one that complements your personal style and is appropriate for your professional life.

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