Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts can be a symbol of expression every bit as much as a fashion statement.  A short hairstyle on women is often viewed as a counter-culture expression.   Also, women facing personal upheavals such as divorce or personal losses often resort to drastic hairstyle changes and short haircuts have become symbolic of new beginnings.

Advantages of Short Hair

1. Short hair is low-maintenance.

If you have a busy lifestyle, short hair is a good option. With some styling aid and a bit of finger drying that can be accomplished on the run, short hair is good to go.

2. Short hair is flexible and fun.

Short styles can be curled, straightened, brushed back, decorated with bows, beads and barrettes or styled with mousse for a fuss-free hairdo.

3. Short hair saves money.

A short style uses less shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Salons charge lower to trim a short hairstyle.

4. Short hair provides an instant facelift.

Shorter styles take years off your face especially if you have thinning hair. It is easier to add volume in the right places with a short style.

5. Short hair makes a bold statement about your self-image.

Sporting a short hairdo shows the world that you are confident in your own qualities and have no need for traditional embellishment to prop you up.

6. Short hair is trendy.

It takes élan to sport a short hairstyle when everyone around you is agonizing over their hair weave and extensions.Short hair will not overpower your outfit and accessories.

Choosing the Right Short Style

You will need to choose the right hairstyle when opting to go short. Your lifestyle and personality are major considerations. Some occupations may frown on overly short hairstyles for women.

Physical factors such as face shape, type of figure, thickness and health of your hair and skin tone should also be taken into consideration before submitting to your hair stylist’s shears. Unlike longer hairstyles, short cuts are less forgiving. Often, the best way to deal with an unflattering short style is to wait for it to grow.

How to Care for a Short Hairstyle

• Short hair calls attention to itself, so keep your hair clean and well groomed.

• Get a maintenance trim once every four to six weeks.

• Apply leave-in conditioner or other anti-frizz products to avoid frizzy hair.

• Avoid over-styling to minimize damage to the hair and scalp.

• Protect your hair from damage caused by exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals.

A healthy head of hair is valued for more than its aesthetic benefits.  Hair is a medium of self-expression, providing overt clues about who you are and how you want the world to see you.

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