Asymmetrical Haircuts

An asymmetrical hair style is more than a haircut—it is fun, dramatic and exciting while it challenges the senses. You can confine the style to just your bangs or your entire style; it can convey a tough attitude, flirty fun or turn you into a vulnerable waif.

short asymmetrical haircut

Victoria Beckham with a short asymmetrical a line haircut

The asymmetrical cut goes with most face shapes because it is designed to bring out your best features. The stylist uses the various lengths of hair to emphasize eyes, cheekbones and even your nose while camouflaging wide foreheads or square chins.

Rihanna inverted bob asymmetrical bob

Rihanna with an asymmetrical bob haircut

Your stylist will usually use a razor to create texture in the front and sides while shaping the back of the head. He or she may even shave part of the back to emphasis a slender, shapely neck and leave the front longer on one side. The razor is used to shape the hair around the face; you can have a smooth and sleek style or orderly chaos.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart with an emo haircut

There are a number of ways to style your asymmetrical cut depending on the persona your stylist has created. For a sleek cut you can wash and dry your hair then use a flat iron to curve the ends toward your face. This shows off your chin, your cheekbones or even your eyes. If you have chosen a wispy, ethereal cut with spiky bangs you can use a little mousse to keep it in place while maintaining its softness.

kimberly wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt with a short asymmetrical haircut

There are quite a few asymmetrical styles that you can use to express the person you are. Whether you choose a no-nonsense sophisticated style or one that makes you look soft and sexy you’ll love this fun, easy to care for cut that brings out the best in you!