Long Layered Haircuts

Long layered haircuts can make for amazing hairstyles.   One of the biggest benefits of long layers is that layering takes weight out of your hair and the lighter weight gives hair more lift and bounce.  It makes it look healthier and more livelier than long straight hair and usually evokes a more enchanting and seductive air.

Layering has different purposes depending on the look you are going for and the type of hair you have. Layering can help to define dramatic shapes, add loads of volume, and intensify wavy and curly hair. Layered hair makes it so easy to look glamorous.

Long Layered Hair Style Tips

Pay attention to the texture of your hair when deciding on a long layered style.   Otherwise your layers can look dull and lifeless.

These tips will help you get the best look for your hair:

For thick, bulky hair, have the stylist use a razor comb to add layers throughout. This will thin your hair out and make it easier to manage.

long layered haircut shenae grimes

Shenae Grimes has thick hair but the layers add bounce and vitality

If you have curly hair, go for long graduated layers. This will help control frizz and give your style more definition.

long layers with curly hair beyonce

Usher next to Beyonce with her naturally curly hair in layers.

If your locks are fine, have your stylist add some layers at ear level. This will add more lift at your roots.

Want a shaggy, tousled look?  If your hair is wavy or straight, have your stylist add layers to the underside of your hair.

miley cyrus with long layers

Miley Cyrus with long layers

Regardless of the type or texture of your hair if you have long hair layers can add much needed pizzazz and appeal to your overall look and give a vitality to your hair that straight hair just can’t match!

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