Caesar Haircut

Men:  Does your haircut accurately reflect your sense of style?  Can you say that your haircut reflects the image that you are trying to project?

If you didn’t answer a resounding yes to both questions they you should consider the Caesar haircut. It is a cut that speaks of power, authority and classical style.

ceasar haircut

George Clooney in the classic caesar haircut

Popularized by the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, the haircut has existed for millennia. Its popularity, and the demand for it, has remained strong throughout time.

What is the Caesar haircut?

With this mens haircut, the hair is clipped very close to the head at the back and the sides. The length varies between one and two inches. The hair at the top is left slightly longer, and the front is swept forward, creating a short fringe that is cut on the horizontal plane. The shallow fringe is the defining feature of the cut, and it can be worn straight, curly or slightly tousled. The style looks especially terrific when the fringe is swept slightly to one side.

ed westwick hair

Ed Westwick

Why this Haircut is Right for You

The style suits men of all ages, and can be tweaked to flatter all types of face shapes.  It is also a great look for balding men.  Wearing the haircut will announce your fashion-forward style. You will look and feel good. It is such a versatile style, you can wear it conservatively to work, then give it an edgier look with the use of gel for the weekend.

kellan lutz

Kellan Lutz

The Caesar haircut is a classic style – and absolutely low-maintenance.  If your goal is to reflect power, authority and a strong sense of self the Caesar cut is for you!

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