Fohawk Haircut

The fohawk or faux hawk as it’s sometimes called is the perfect hairstyle for someone who wants to have fun on their night off work, but still look professional by Monday.  With a fohawk, people get the best of both worlds.

Faux hawks are worn by men and women and those of all ages.   They are as unique as the people who wear them – they can be worn longer at the top or shorter and the sides can be shaved or worn longer.   Originally, this hairstyle got its start with Mr. T on the popular television show, “The A-Team”. As it spread across the country, the fohawk became known as the hairstyle that embraced non-conformity and gave an outlet for people who did not want to squeeze within the confines of society.

rihanna with a fohawk

Rihanna with a fohawk

Cutting a Fohawk

Hairstylists will normally cut the hair along the sides with clippers can help create a more uniform length. Unlike a mohawk, the hair along the sides of your hair will not be completely shaved off. It is left slightly shorter than the top strip of hair. When you want to have a fohawk, you just have to spike the upper strip of hair that runs along the top of their head.

When cutting a fohawk, the stylist always uses the centers of the eyes as a guide. Hair clips can be used to hold the strip of hair out of the way while the rest of the hair is cut. The strip that is left long should run from the center of the forehead back to the nape of the neck. Trendier looks can be made by texturizing this upper strip of hair. This will create a more disheveled, chic look than a straight edge. Once the cut is complete, the stylist will use gel or mousse to make the strip stand on end. For more definition, use promenade to make the hair go in to various points.

Faux Hawk Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet with a fauxhawk

Non-Conformity at its Finest

During the work week, you can wear your hair down in a blowout or style it with gel. This funky hair-do is great for anyone who wants to express their individuality part of the time and remain low key for the rest.

boy with fohawk

Young boy with a fohawk

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