A Line Haircut

The A line haircut – often called an inverted bob – is a simple and clean yet elegant look that suits any face shape, size or color.   It is an excellent look for students as well as young professionals and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

This particular style is a great choice for you if you want to maintain a neat look without having to put too much time into styling your hair every day or if you do not want to spend a lot of money on hair styling products or appliances.

Aline Haircut Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene with a classic A Line style that comes just above the shoulders.

With an A-line cut the sides are angled forward slightly.   It’s a very versatile style  and can be worn at short or medium lengths and can be used with layers or without but is most often used without layers.

Victoria Beckham Short ALine bob

Victoria Beckham with a short A Line cut. You can see how the cut is angled forward slightly at the front for the classic inverted short bob look.

Since an A line cut is clean and symmetrical, it suits virtually any face shape from diamond to oval to square to heart. An A line cut is appropriate for medium or long hair and is suitable for any thickness or texture. It is a better option for straight hair as opposed to curly hair.

heidi with a medium length a-line

The always gorgeous Heidi Klum shows just how great a medium length A-Line cut can look.

This particular hairstyle is very easy to create and can be done by the most novel of hairdressers or perhaps even at home for younger children. The hair is simply parted where you normally part it, combed and then cut to the same, even length all around.

To style the look a bit, you can add a thin layer of bangs that can be worn as a “poof” for a finished look or side swept for a casual look. If you cut them long enough, you can also make them “disappear” sometimes simply by brushing them and tucking them behind your ear. Otherwise, simply brush the hair back and blow dry.

jenny mccarthy haircut

Jenny McCarthy wears this cut as well as anyone.

A line haircuts look clean, appear professional and are easy to care for. Choose this style for its ease of maintenance and dress it up for special occasions!

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